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It supposed to be our secret, but it seems interesting to be shared to enter this contest, mane tau menang kan. On how We become US.. 

The story begins..

Hari Raya hujung tahun 2000

I still remember where did the PC was located at my house, those who came over to my house, it was upstairs, at the end of the corner, in the living room, beside the sliding door. Last time, it was very hard for us (my siblings) to log on to the Internet because my parents placed the computer in their room. (Note: Last time we only have one computer) To be exact, it was hard to chat.

But im not sure why my parents moved the computer to the living room, and of course it was a happy news for us. Honestly, i was not a big fan of IRC, i ONLY entered into #unipet or #bitara channels only . Oh, YM was not popular though (FB ape tah lagi kan). For me, i preferred to chat with people whom i know the background rather than a stranger.

On the other hand, my Dearie (sekarang ni husband I lah), seriously NOT interested in chatting, hehe he is a computer freak!!! He said up to that date, he never involved in online chatting, not even entered into the chatroom.

But, on that date, end of 2000, i entered into IRC and as usual i would joined #unipet and #bitara. Usually, i would used InEsZ as my nickname but i guess at that time i was too bored, you know when you used InEsZ, nobody bothered to chat with you, so i changed my nick to AreMieRa and as i expected ramai yang tegor.

One of them is AchikMelaka (not sure whether the spelling is correct), so i chatted with him quite few hours. Nothing interesting happened, but before i ended the session, i told him, (opss i already know its him not her :) i would not be here anymore because i would be back to kampung the next day for hari raya. Hehe, i was not so sure what was his feeling but ME, abosulutely nothing!! So, our meeting ended there.

The next day, my parents postponed the plan to go back to Gerik on that day, so late at night as usual, i log on to the Internet, checking my email and joined the IRC specifically
#unipet and #bitara. Using the same nickname, AchikMelaka caught me for the second time, and again we chatted quite few hours again. Oh, from there i already know he was studying in UTM Skudai- mechatronic then converted to EE, from Melaka, using the nick because his niece and nephew called him achik, have a CAR.. hahah, i guess that was the reason :p and joined #unipet to look for his friend - Abang Kabi (his my senior in UTP - his friend in STAR). What else, that time he was 20 years old, dulu sekolah STAR.

We stopped when i was already too sleepy, and before we finished our last sentence, i didnt understand how on earth i gave him my phone number. I NEVER have an experience giving my phone number to strangers and we exchanged the phone numbers but i just ignored it and closed the window. That's it!!

One month after the chat session..

Hmm, that time i was already in UTP, was preparing to attend to a class when suddenly i received a call from mmm someone that i dont know. Seriously, i couldnt remember him at all and he was trying his best to introduce himself. Alas, baru teringat siapakah gerangannya.

After the first call, i couldnt wait to receive the second call from him, and while i was watching Bring It On, hehe the Mission Impossible tone broke the silence. Guess what, only the first call, i already assigned the tone for him. And from there, our phone bill raised like hell, it gave me more freedom to call him especially when i subscribed to fixed line. Oh, i "bought" the fixed line from Ujie's bro and it was not a good decision since part of my scholarship contributes to TMTOUCH.

For one year, we never met each other, not even exhange photos, only phones thighten up our relationship. We shared the same jokes, the same laughter, the same pain but both of us never confessed that we already fall in love with each other but of course we understand it!! Gile ke, jumpe pun tak pernah, tengok gambar pun tak pernah..

Oh ya, i remembered during 1 April 2001, April Fool, I was just joking with him about feelings and emotions and he was so mad. Tak leh cakap la ape die, but from there, i know something is going on, and daku tak tepuk sebelah tangan. Huhu..

Bill still melambung..

22 December 2001

He decided to meet me, but i was too afraid to meet a stranger, so i asked him to meet me at my house since that time it was still Hari Raya season, so i felt more secured because my parents was around. I thought he was not brave to directly meet my parents but hmm i was wrong. So he came over to my house after performed Maghrib prayer, and when i opened the gate, hatiku berdegup dengan kencang especially he bring along another two friends. i did nt know which one was him even though Ain and Najah already described him earlier (He met Najah and Ain (my friends) before he met me).

When three of them were crossing the road, a car stopped by and it was Iryani Md Noor, whom i dint meet her for almost 3 years. So, i shouted without realizing three of them were coming towards me and staring at us.. Hehe.. Yani, you witnessed the first time i was eye to eye with him. :p

He introduced himself, and cepat-cepat suruh derang masuk rumah. Honestly, i was too shy, so its better they talked with my parents rather than me. Quickly, i caught my sisters and they were laughing and laughing after i told which is Emran. Haha.. From the beginning, he already shows he loves CAMERA and we have collection of pictures since the first day we met!! here is the pic - first time meeting him.. hehe Biaselaa malu-malu.

25 December 2001

To be short, we declared as ehem ehem exactly three days after our first meeting. Haha. Funny-funny. And i never told my mum the whole story until i make a decision to make him as part of my entire life. Baba geleng kepala, Mama said, i already know it, you dont have to tell, still puzzled how did my mum realized it.. Yeah, mum's know better. Since he becomes my bubbly cutie honey, honestly, i never know how to do programming :p mostly i did the documentation.. And thats the reason why i was not that confident to involve in IT world.

During our courtship, yes, he is not that type of person to chat, we rarely chatted even through YM, he prefers to call rather than chatting and HE NEVER ENTERED MIRC, when i asked him to join IRC he never agreed. Fate. He meets me via IRC. :)

Alhamdullilah, Allah has send me a person who really loves me although the way we know each other was a bit risky but that is fate written from Allah. At first, i was disappointed because i was not been selected to further my study abroad, really disappointed. And now i understand, why Allah has placed me to UTP, there was a story for me. :) I always remind my sisters not to follow my steps because it is dangerous to find a good people in the channel. And know we already become husband and wife and we really look forward to treasure all the momments together.

Credit to: MIRC and UTP and to whom who introduced #unipet


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