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Honestly this is the first time I encounter someone with the title "Eraser Stamp Carver", please view the website here.. I have browsed her website and at the first glance, I thought she is entriprising the hydrostone industry,  neither I know she is focusing on ERASER stamp, I dont know how she can have this patient in producing even one stamp. Salute to you Kak Maisarah.

And she is now organizing this giveaway which perhaps I could be the proud owner of this


and the best part, if I have been selected as the winner, I could even get myself another surprise stamp with  my initial. Cool!! Ok, the question:-

Make a post and name an object/animal/plant etc that you want to see in a form of stamp
My answer: Pregnant woman :)

Ok, if you are interested to join this giveaway, you may click


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