Found one stop centre website which charter for everyone. http://www.5577studio.com/
  • Those who may wants a quick online bakery, here is the place where you can find varieties of sweet mouth watering yummy delicious cakes inclusive of hantaran cakes, pies, crispies, cupcakes, wedding cakes, and a lots of more with wonderful and colourful design baked by her mother.
My comment:  As a reader or potential buyer, I would much appreciate it if you could roughly includes the prices. Reader like me, we tend to want everything fast to make a decision. Apologize if you do put up the prices.
  • Design. Farah, the owner of the blog is very creative and born with wonderful ideas, i have browsed one design after another and i might say her design is improving.
My comment: I was unclear what type of design she concentrates on. Do you charter blog design? If so, keep it up, lots of my friends are trying to find someone who can design a blog and few of my friends are hiring people outside Malaysia. So, I know it will be a demand soon..
  • Photography - her father is really into photography. and the artwork is brilliant ok. No comment.
  • Perfume - she sells a rowww of perfumes at a cheaper price.. if you are interested, you may want to visit the page here.
Ok, those who want to join this giveaway, you may wish to visit the link here Mane tahu you can get a bite of  thisssssssssssssssss....


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