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Bandung has served for popular weekend-break destination for people living in Jakarta. The cooler climate of highland plantation area, the varieties of food, the cheaper fashion shops located in factory outlets and distros, golf courses are attractions of the city.[24]

In the 1990s, local designers opened denim clothing stores along Cihampelas Street which transformed into a "jeans street". The city attracts people from other big cities to buy local fashion wears, as they are cheaper than branded items.[25] Beside at Cihampelas Street, many factory outlets also opened at Riau Street, Setiabudi Street, and Djuanda Street (known as Dago). Textile factories on the outskirts of Bandung have opened factory outlets on site selling what is marketed as sisa export (rejected or over-produced export quality items).[26] Bandung Supermal, Bandung Indah Plaza, Ciwalk acronims of Cihampelas Walk and Paris van Java are famous shopping centres in Bandung.

(Di edit sane dan sini untuk kesesuaian blog)

Ms Red Ribbon memang ada side job jadi tour guide untuk sesiape yang nak pi JAKARTA or BANDUNG. 

Ms Red Ribbon dengan rendah hati nak menjemput sesiapa yang nak pi Jakarta/Bandung untuk:

- sekadar bercuti
- shopping
- shopping stock barang2 untuk niaga (sbb kat sana murah2 nak compare ngan kat Malaysia)

Ms Red Ribbon akan hantar and recommend tempat shopping and jalan2 and makan2 yang affordable tapi best! Kalau pegi ngan travel agency sometimes diorang bawa pegi restaurant/souvenir store yang mahal sebab diorang dapat komisyen. Ms Red Ribbon nie takde kne mengene ngan komisyen aper2. Ni bisnes family jer. Lagipun sebetulnya Ms Red Ribbon ada rumah kat Bandung, kitaorang datang dalam 1 bulan dua kali jer, so hari2 lain rumah tu kita sewakan.

Nie ayat Ms Red Ribbon untuk promote bende nie:

After a time not relaxing your body, try to have a heavenly shopping session with friends, and enjoying the nice weather up on the hill, having dinner with your friends or loved one, at Bandung and experience the excitement of the beauty nature, the tastiness of the foods, the happy moment carrying hundreds of shopping bags, and beautiful smiles of the people. 

Spesel for my blog readers/followers, Ms Red Ribbon bagi harga spesel jugak!


max. 4 pax for RM150/pax only
min. 2 pax yea...
*Rate is for both weekdays and weekends


- Return airport transfer airport-guest house-airport in Bandung
- 3D2N guest house accommodation (a.k.a rumah Ms Red Ribbon kat Bandung)
- AC Coach with driver and petrol (untuk December nie kereta Honda Jazz)
- Refreshment mineral water
- All parking & toll fees
- English or Malay speaking guide (it is me...)

- International Air Ticket 
- Return airport taxes Kuala Lumpur/Jakarta or Bandung/Kuala Lumpur (RM50)
- Entrance fees (kalau nak pegi tempat2 bercuti, kalau just shopping xada entrance fee la..)
- Tipping (takyah bagi tip untuk Ms Red Ribbon, kita makan bakso sama2 jer dah cukup ahaha)
- Telephone calls (nie kne beli nombor sendiri kat sana, don't worry, murah...)
- Travel insurance (nie Ms Red Ribbon xbole sediakan)
- Personal expenses (nie juga Ms Red Ribbon xsanggup nak belanja, beli bakso ok kot hehe)

Nie gambar TRAVELLYA homestay kat Bandung. A house with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms which can occupy up to 12 pax. A good choice for your family/group trip to Bandung, travelling but still feels like home. Moreover, it saves a your hotel bills a lot!

Nie facility yang ada kat dalam homestay tu:
- 2 TVs with local channel (one in master room, one in living room)
- fridge
- cooking utilities
- water heater at master room toilet
- big wardrobe in every room
- spacious 2 living rooms, for the family to gather
- water dispenser
- extra mattress will be provided as per request
- clothes dry area
- 3 parking space
- extra 2 more toilets (one at kitchen, one at parking lot)

Not bad kan? 

RM150/pax is already verryyy cheap and this is only for my bloggers/blogshops friends
Just for top up petrol and bayar orang gaji yang jaga rumah

This is more to a friendship trip for Ms Red Ribbon. Tapi kenapa 4 orang sahaja? Sebab sekarang nie ada Honda Jazz jer. If you all nak datang ramai2 pon boleh, nanti Ms Red Ribbon carikan sewa van.
Spesel for Jakarta trip, Ms Red Ribbon ada TRAVELLYA Guest House juga, tapi most of the room are monthly-rental bukan daily-rental. So, tak janji ada kosong. Tapi Ms Red Ribbon bole recommend hotel murah/apartment sewa murah kat Jakarta. Untuk jalan2 kat Jakarta mungkin slightly expensive, bole jujur kalau jam kat sana teruk so need more to top up petrol :) 

Apa2 tanya jer... Ms Red Ribbon!

So anyone interested, please email at

Im tagging Mama Zharfan and Iryani

Contest ends: 11 January 2011


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