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Blog a short post regarding what My Preloved Site should improve. Like is there anything that we should improve to serve you better. Though it's just a preloved site, i really hope that there's something i can do to serve you better. ;)

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First of all, dun worry, most of ordinary people, wouldnt mind to wear preloved item especially when it is still in a good condition..

and here is my 2 cents...

1. it would be better if the labelling would be on top (after the Announcement), so it is easier for the potential buyer to browse the item they want. Even better if you could classified the items on the top bar..

2. You may wish to put a testimonial to gain confidence for the potential buyer..

3. To minimize the contet of the sidebar to shorten the loading process.. You know sometimes, some potential buyers may get impatient. My suggestion. may be to remove the Sold item on the sidebar.. i think once it sold, it is gone :)

4. A new header perhaps :) make it more girlish header since most of the buyers (or is it ALL ??) are ladies :)

In conclusion... I summarised my opinion ...


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