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why women L.O.V.E perfume?

 Perfume is one method to flirt or secret weapon for women... hehe, you know sometimes we as a woman, we  do not realize that perfume is one of the secret to attract the opposite sex.. I mean you want easily get noticed by the opposite sex, well, perfume could be one easy way to apply...

however, yes, I do agree that in Islam, perfume is not permissible to be used when you pass by the unrelated man... and bear in mind that alcohol in the perfume is the big No No to perform our prayers.

Well, as for me, i do not wear perfume that much even though I bought quite a number of perfumes -- basically for satisfaction, honestly I only bought a perfume when there is sales around, yeah.. you are right, I could not stand the temptation of the scent and the price.. 

I do remember, during my uni days, I was a big fan of Body shop perfume... I couldnt remember the price, but it was less than RM50 back then.. and I was lucky cos my housemates didn't mind to share the perfumes, so we did not caught up into the same scents for donkey years...

Then, I moved on... I mean, when you have more money.. you pay more... and so do I.. after I got secured a job, I changed my desire of buying things.. up-lah sikit.. so, the next perfume that I bought was from Hugo Boss..
Yes, I bought this perfume which apparently became one of my hantaran for my engagement... I fell in love with Boss for quite sometime even though there were too many BIG names around, but I still stick to Boss. I tried to change once, but my fiance (my husband now) did not approve...

But funny things was, after we get married, Mr. Husband doesnt seem to bother on what do I wear, and what not, I mean.. he was not critical like before -- I guess dia dapat semuaaaaa kan hahahaha --- only after I got married, I started to change my collection...My late auntie has given me Elizabeth Arden's perfume..

But again, I could not deny that Boss is still the best.. This Elizabeth Arden's scent was too strong for me, and I just applied few times until I forgot where did I put..Huhu.. yaya.. And again, my collection grows... But later on, I realize that I was the big fan of Jadore.. hehe..

But again.. after a while, I was not that fanatic to perfume. Even I didnt apply even to the office, I only used the perfume if only I went for the dinner or due to certain circumstances..

So again the question is..
Why woman LOVE perfume...
As I said earlier, it is one of the flirting tips :) But to me, before yes, it is one of the essential things that must be on me for dont know what reason.. but after a while..

Im wearing perfume because to avoid the unnecessary smell that may down grade me as a sporting wife to my Mr. Husband.. haha, I mean seriously, perfume is more or less to secure me from being avoided by certain people.. you know some people, got this sensitive smell, body odor is the big No No for them.. 
 But, actually, I am looking for perfume like this... (kalau jumpe kasik tau i ok)

So wanna win
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