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Beautiful is subjective. The answer could not be A, B, C or D. You may tell me that Diana Danielle is beautiful but one girl behind you might say that Nurul is beautiful. Again, beautiful it is subjective.

And as a woman, being beautiful sometimes kills you, or more accurate your silent killer. Without you realize it, it really eats your money until you dare not to count how much you have spent to be beautiful.

But whatever it is, I am bless to be who am I, to own this plum body and round face. I know I am beautiful in some other ways which others may have a hard time to identify..

In summary, this is who I am...

But that doesnt hinder me to be a fashionable wherever I wish. I never limit myself or never fear to wear what I want, but of course getting the right size is not one easy job :)

even though I have to force myself showing my BIG arms :)

But one thing for sure.. I know I am beautiful in the eyes of my husband even though last time I was 

and now I am like this...


mama zharfan said...

mira...u sgt kurus rupanya dulu2 tu!!!!!!!!!

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