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Yes, as strong as the title, I am really desire to become a successful woman online entreprenuer. Actually, I am dreaming of that in the beginning as I find myself having a passion in online, surfing and in conclusion with the internet. 

I might say this is still new in this generation but again it is not possible. Around the world, we already have Bill Gates for example who makes his craziness of computer as his main source of income, and he has been listed as one of the wealthiest people in the world. 

and I have this wild and crazy idea which I have presented to my husband, but my niche, I mean my target and audience are small. Mr. husband has told me that this is something funny and maybe it is hard to work, and that is the reason why I want to proof that I can do it. 

Yes, everything is still a secret, no one knows what i am up to but unfortunately, I have to wait and wait and wait since Mr. Husband has promised me to develop a website which tailored with my requirement. But since honesty, he has tested my patient, and I do not see any sign of him helping me on this.. so I decided to

1. Learn on how to develop a website, HTML and coding

2. More research need to be done, it is a must to do some research background to achieve the desired result


3. I have to set up my business plan, which  I already did, but again, the first thing is to set up / run a website..


3. To get more support from Husband especially as he will be my main reference. He has a wide knowledge in IT, but he is kind of a person who ask me to learn first than ask if I want to know something even though the fact is I am his wife

4. Berdoa dan berusaha banyak-banyak semoga Allah mudahkan jalan 

I really hope one day my dream comes true, supposedly I planned to launch this in May but I  bet Mr. husband is too busy (hmmm).. so now, I hope August would be the best month to launch my making money online website. InsyaAllah.

Contest ends: 30 June 2010


Hidayah Ismawi said...

Good plans.. I hope your dream will become a reality..

Thanks for entering the contest :) Good luck!

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