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Cherating & Awal Muharam

Written by me on 29 December 2008 at 4.15 am. Posted at doing some amendments to suit this contest.

Yes, Cherating was the only holiday that we went in the year 2008. I was eager to find a beach which Emir can learn through fun. Beach is an alien word for him. I kept talking to him about beach, described what he gonna do at the beach, but typical toddler, he ignored me like "ntah ape ape lah ibu aku bebel ni".

I was a bit worried since the rain poured heavily on the first day we arrived especially when the local news keeps highlighting on flooded area at East Coast. My MIL even wondering why I chose the place at this monsoon time. Well, risk is everywhere kan. If not 2008 takdak langsung cuti-cuti malaysia apart from ikut hubby pi conference dia. Thats not a holiday to me ok :)

But the second day was awesome, the weather was very promising. The sun shines brightly and of course I make it compulsory for Emir to apply sunblock. hubby on the other hand, enjoy his session - amik gambar.

Of course, we brought Emir to swimming pool then the beach. On the way to the beach, there were two goats, i think the hotel purposely letak situ to attract the kids, oh we stayed at Impiana Beach Resort, Cherating and yadadada, Emir was so scared, he run and walked behind me especially one of the goat trying to flirt him. Kah kah kah.

I told Emir, this is the beach that ive been telling him. He looks so blur to see the very wide "water" in front of him. Slowly, I teach him how to tackle the wave. yeah, it just holding his two hands and let him jumped wherever the wave splashed. He was so excited and forced me to repeat it over and over again. ibu dia takut sebab pegang tangan macam tu.

Sandplay is not a new to him. In alternate week, he will have sandplay session and swimming session at his school. So, he was quite familiar with the toys that I bought on our way to Cherating.

But one thing yang sangat baru, bila kaki Emir tenggelam dalam pasir bila jalan. Ahaha, at one time, he get annoyed with it. hahaha. Hubby was busy building sand castle until he forgot to snap Emir's picture toying with the sand.

One question, kalau nak buat sand castle, dekat pasir basah ke pasir yang tak basah? well, sebab hubby has its own statement and i have my own also. Hahaha, Dua dua nak menang.

Emir was very in a good mood during the holiday, well behaved and happy, I bet he also knows this is a family holiday. He has a good sleep, good game and a good company, sape lagi his parents la kan. There was one time, we were in the lobby and he persuaded me to dance with the music, banyak songeh, of cos I tanak buat, but he used his own infamous weapon - menangis!! so, with muke yang menebal, I did IT!! so nanti besar esok, Ibu suruh Emir cium ibu depan orang, I slap u kalau Emir malu buat!! hahaha..

And what i enjoy most, FOOD!! haha, my fave sotong goreng tepung is only cost rm4-rm5, best bangat, i ratah and ratah and ratah and it results on my itchy nose.

Finally, Emir understands what is the beach stands for..Good job ibu :p

Anyway, all pictures courtesy from my hubby's flickr. Others pictures were kept in his computer. Sorry organizer, we didnt snap the hotel room.. was too excited teaching my little son what is the beach stands for.. heheheh..



yusratravel said...

salam Em's family,

Thanks 4joining ths cntest. So, dah terjah & good luck!

n.b: pic sgt2 cntek.

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