Contest organized by: http://midiaidabiz2u.blogspot.com/

Contest link: http://midiaidabiz2u.blogspot.com/2010/02/midiaidabiz2u-giveaway.html


Apa kena buat?

1. mule2 sekali korg kene jd follower http://midiaidabiz2u.blogspot.com/.. DONE
2. pastuh korang letak gambo atas tuh kat sidebar korang n letak tajuk MIDIAIDABIZ2U GIVEAWAY. DONE.
3. pastuh korang wat 1 entry bertajuk MIDIAIDABIZ2U GIVEAWAY..n tulis laa ape2 yang korang rase nak tulis.. DONE
4. okay..bile da wat entry tuh..korang copy link entry tuh n post kat ruangan comment..OK
5. nanti aku akan g cek entry korang tuh..
6. settle..

28 February 2010 contest tutup


One of the winner..



MiDiAiDa said...

salam perkenalan..
saya da cek yee..
tq coz join..
gud luck ;D..

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