Delicate Fingers Giveaway

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Who is the organizer?
Her name is Amila. A wife to a really hardworking n ambitious husband also a mother to two smart, cute n brilliant girls living in a small hut at the edge of Kuantan town.

Why the organizer organizing this contest?
As an appreciation for his 9th Anniversary. CONGRATULATIONS!!

 What she blogs?
She blogs about her crafting.

Crafting? She must be great!!
Of course.. these are some of her projects..

The pouch  - a gift to her friend

For her daughter

For herself

Oh it is so beautiful, if I join this giveaway, what will be the prize, I hope I can own a bag?
Gotcha.. It is!! Something like this, but maybe with  a different fabric



Wow!! when is the closing date??
TODAY at 12 pm,

Oh no.. I should make a move now..  Thanks anyway
Haha.. Ok.. no problem


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