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Upload the cutest picture of your son / daughter from 1 day to 12 years old. One picture per child

and this is Emir's picute

BAaju ni dibeli oleh Atok Emir, katenyer nak kasik Emir masuk ape ape pakaian beragam, tak pun jadi little prince ke ape ke, tapi hakikatnyer baju ni baru sekali je pakai kat luar huhuhu sebab PANAS :)

Nama anak: Muhammad Emir Rasyid bin Emran
Umur 3 tahun 4 bulan
Tarikh lahir: 29 Jun 2006
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:: butterfly :: said...

tett!! sorry..entry xlengkap.. dipersilakan utk check smule dan bgtau sy smule yeh..tq

:: butterfly :: said...

thank you n good luck ;)


mummymer said...

terima kasihhhhhhhhh!!!!

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