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I always think that MomsBloggerPlannet is an exclusive gathering for stunning mothers. You know like having three kids but still in a good shape and you still have some time to space for matching white baju kurung with white tudung. Naa. sadly im not in that category, having some demotivation by looking at my own shape, I have a long way to go to be one of them.

But after joining one contest after another, looks doesnt seem an issue at all, the importance that I have forgotten is to share the motherhood experience and yes, now I am more comfortable to put my ideas into writing with MBP and reading the  update of a mother's lifestyle.

And this month MBP is organizing Cutest baby in STROLLER and I would say this is one lucky category for myself as my son Muhammad Emir Rasyid bin Emran DOB: 29 June 2006 (I hope he still qualify for this contest) now is very attached to his stroller. I remember before I decided to buy a stroller, I have browsed few websites and most of it stating that Safety is the biggest concern and it is right and it is not wrong to say that safety comes with the money as well. How much you want to splash you money for a stroller. Are you willing to buy a stroller few times or you just buy an expensive stroller for the first time and it last forever? and yes, we have chosen the second option.

There you go with Peg Pegero or Maclaren, I finally chose Maclaren as it it the best stroller within my budget and lucky for us we got an extra discount for that as we chose to buy the display item. And yes, the display item is still in that tip top condition, if not dont you think they want to put it on display?? So lesson learnt: We can always ask to buy the display item and insist for extra discount.. and that was what we did.. If im not mistaken, we got 10% discount on top of the discount offered. No no, Im not good in this department, my husband is the champion in bargaining and negotiating. :)

Ok anyway, why we are choosing Maclaren?
-- steering ease - checked
-- stability - checked
-- seat belt - checked
-- Long term investment - checked
-- Easy to set up - checked

Having a stroller, you can always walk hand in hand with your husband at the mall and your eyes especially mothers are freely to catch some time for window shopping. Trust me, stroller has helped me a lot especially during makan time. Imagine your left hand cuddling the baby and your right hand holding a spoon? A complete disaster :) And despite of stroller is the best friend for the parents, I might say that stroller sometimes giving us some time to breath as our son would love to watch his favorite cartoon in a stroller. You know like Makan Stroller, Tidur Stroller dan Jalan pun stroller. You know, just take a look at this picture..

But unfortunately, as a toddler who loves to imitate, I admit that at this age of 3, stroller is not as easy to maneuver as before, since my son is the one who love to help us pushing the stroller and it resulted us to apologize to other people as he lovess to hit them. and yes, to that, we rarely bring along the stroller in the shopping mall unless he is wide asleep..

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