Ramadhan Giveaway..=)

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Kalau menang dapat.. :)

Hadiah 1
Syasya Bag n Multi Pockets pouch

Hadiah 2
Pencil Case n Book cover + bOok

Sila la kasi komen2 tentang collection Syasya Creative.
First of ALL
OH MY!!! it really me.. i mean the colors, I love the colors, to be exact, i love bright colors and most of Syasya Creative collection are made from bright colors fabric!! Not only the bright colors attracted me, but the fabrics are modern and stylish...

Tak caye.. jom tengok 

Tote Bag
My comment: can you see the colors?? she knows how to play with the fabrics!!

Diaper Bag - as a mother, im pretty sure, she knows whats a mother needs for a diaper bag.. if you ask me, i nak tempat yang letak susu, botol susu, and ade satu partition untuk letak mak-mak punyer purse and handphone :)
Telekung Bag
This telekung bag memang confirm tak boleh simpan kat ofis, cantik sangat!!!
Laptop Sleeve - ok ok, dalam banyak-banyak her creation, this section yang I rasa paling creative and trendy and good idea.. instead of pakai laptop sleeve yang color hitam je manjang, i macam tak terfikir ade orang akan buat invention buat laptop sleeve sendiri.. and sangat menarik pulak tu

Make up Bag - i think yang belah kanan punyer fabric adalah fabric yang digunakan untuk hadiah no 2.. Menarik nyer

Travelling Bag - this is interesting!! yes, she is creative kan kan..

Sling Bag

Contest ends: 26 August 2010

RESULT: First prize winner


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