welcome to mamakuQis big giveaway~

Contest organized by: http://mamakuqis.blogspot.com

Contest link: http://mamakuqis.blogspot.com/2010/06/welcome-to-mamakuqis-big-giveaway.html

how to participate?
open to anyone i.e. mamakuQis reader or walk-in visitor. you must...
1) become mamakuQis follower
2) follow mamakuQis on facebook twitter
3) like mamakuQis cookies facebook fanpage
4) put mamakuQis giveaway banner at your TOP sidebar and link back to this blog post
5) list mamakuQis in your blogroll list
6) make a blog post (malay/english) based on giveaway title given every week and paste the url link in giveaway post comment box

giveaway duration 
28June - 28July 2010

total giveaway entry title 
FOUR (one giveaway entry title given each week, publish every wednesday, sticky mode)

how does prizes are given?
for every week giveaway, prizes given as below:
1) ONE winner
2) TWO consolation prizes
3) FIVE early birds for entry submission
ADDITIONAL : grand finale for accumulative giveaway participation

winner notification
will be posted in mamakuQis's blog every week TWO days after the closing of respective giveaway

international participant
you are allowed to enter this giveaway. however, you must giveaway your winning prize(s) to someone else with an address in Malaysia (e.g. parent, sibling, friend). its the concept of "sharing is caring". what you will get in return? our specific blog post on your winning with a link back to your blog/facebook/twitter *wink*



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